Launchpad Venture Group is a nationally-recognized leader among angel networks in providing human and financial capital to help entrepreneurs build successful companies. Our members represent a cohesive network of talented professionals who are active angel investors committed to our culture of learning, service-orientation, mutual responsibility and respect. We develop and deploy best-in-class processes and strive for diversity across our membership and our investment portfolio.

Launchpad members work to cultivate and encourage
a culture of respect, open-mindedness, healthy debate, constructive feedback, honesty, curiosity & willingness to learn from each other. Launchpad goes to great lengths to be an entrepreneur-friendly, service-oriented angel group.
— Ham Lord, Launchpad Chairman of the Board

Who We are

  • A well-respected network of 150+ active members building individual portfolios by investing both financial & human capital in Boston-area startups - we are not a fund

  • Since 2001, Launchpad members have invested over $80 million in more than 100 startups - we are the most active angel network in the Northeast & one of the top three most active angel networks in the country in deal volume & dollars invested

  • Each year the group invests $8-10M in approximately 40-50 rounds of financing

  • We focus on priced-equity opportunities in science and technology-driven startups

  • We foster a culture of respect and professionalism both within our membership and throughout the entire startup ecosystem

  • We value participation and engagement within the startup community and individual members play a crucial role in evaluating investment potential and shaping the deal flow pipeline

  • The Launchpad leadership team charges neither management nor carry fees - there is no transactional compensation; our operating budget is derived from annual dues and sponsor partnerships

  • Each member is qualified as an accredited investor as defined under Rule 501 of the SEC regulations

  • We are a proud member of the Angel Capital Association