Our entrepreneurs are innovative, outside-the-box thinkers

applying science & technology-driven solutions to

the challenges of today & tomorrow

IF Your Company is:

  • An early-stage, science or tech-driven startup headquartered in the Boston area

  • Pursuing a creative solution with a distinct competitive advantage and a significant market opportunity, targeting potential markets of $100M or more

  • Led by a smart, dedicated & driven management team

  • Developing a viable strategy for an excellent return on initial investment

  • Raising a priced equity round for seed through the Series A stage funding

We consider angel investing to be a contact sport
and look for opportunities where our time, expertise & investment
will make a huge difference in the trajectory of a company.
— Christopher Mirabile, Launchpad Managing Director

Our Process

We encourage you to reach out to Launchpad investors both online and in the startup community - engaging with our investors will provide you with useful insight into successfully navigating the application process as well as the group’s investment interests.

Following the application process, companies determined to be a potential fit will be ushered down one of two paths:


Catalyst is a terrific on-ramp to Launchpad - it is a casual pitch event with an emphasis on relationship building.

At Catalyst, you will be one of 12 startups invited to introduce your company to Launchpad investors via a short pitch and a brief Q&A. The remainder of the event is focused on networking. Promising companies coming out of Catalyst may be invited to pitch in our Main Forum as a candidate for investment.

Main Forum

This avenue is geared toward companies that are at the point of market entry and ready to raise a priced equity round of $500K-$2M.

Companies directed down this path will be matched with a scouting team comprised of 4-5 Launchpad investors with relevant industry expertise. This small group will advise you and closely evaluate your readiness to present to the full membership at an upcoming monthly forum.